Dental Hygiene

Professional cleanings and assessments enable cosmetic dental professionals to remain in control of your oral health, and can provide guidance on steps to maintain healthy teeth and gums. Regular preventive dental visits allow problems to be identified at an earlier stage, with greater probability of painless treatment. Early detection results in reduced inconveniences since less treatment will be needed, also leading to a lower cost. Dr. Trakhtman will reinforce the proper frequency for your cleaning appointments, in order to fit your oral status and provide the best maintenance for your teeth and gums.

During a standard appointment, a dental hygienist will use scaling instruments to remove the buildup of plaque and calculus from the teeth and soft tissue. Additionally, the hygienist and cosmetic dentist will:

• Screen for cancer and other diseases
• Evaluate supporting bone structure
• Check for cavities
• Assess the upkeep of existing cosmetic dental restorations
• Take X-rays
• Apply fluoride
• Evaluate aesthetic options

Covid 19 Update

We go beyond the strict recommended cleaning procedures and we have full PPE for you and us. Worry not, come in, we’ll take care of you!
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