Preventive Dentistry

Preventive measures can do wonders for your cosmetic dental health. Your home-care practices, paired with regular visits to your cosmetic dental professional at Rt 1 Dental in the North Brunswick, Central NJ area, will go a long way toward maintaining optimal oral health.

Daily preventive procedures share the common goals of removing bacteria from the mouth and maintaining dental health. If bacteria are allowed to build up, it will adhere to the teeth, tongue and soft tissue forming plaque. Overtime, the bacteria will eventually be mineralized into a hard substance called calculus. Only professional cleanings can remove calculus.

Inadequate plaque control is the primary cause of gingivitis (inflamed gums), periodontitis (bacterial gum disease), and oral malodor (bad breath).

Patients can minimize bacterial accumulation by brushing regularly, flossing, and tongue scraping. Most importantly, this should be maintained by periodic dental hygiene appointments.

To find out how preventive dentistry can help you maintain your oral health, please call our North Brunswick, Central NJ, cosmetic dental office.
We look forward to assisting you with all your cosmetic dental needs!

Covid 19 Update

We go beyond the strict recommended cleaning procedures and we have full PPE for you and us. Worry not, come in, we’ll take care of you!
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