Digital Radiography

At the Rt 1 Dental North Brunswick, Central NJ, cosmetic dental office, X-rays are a progressive technology that employs up to 90% less radiation exposure than the traditional dental film. Generated on a computer, digital X-rays provide enhanced images for better diagnosis and earlier cosmetic treatment. No more waiting for your X-rays to be developed.

Look along with Dr. Irina Trakhtman, North Brunswick, Central NJ, cosmetic dentist, as she shows you your radiographic images in a format large enough for you to see and understand your cosmetic dental needs.

Digital X-rays provide:

Are dental X-rays safe?

Dental X-rays, tools and techniques used in our North Brunswick, Central NJ, cosmetic dental office are designed to limit your exposure to radiation by:

To find out how digital X-rays used at Rt 1 Dental benefit you and save you time during your visit with North Brunswick, Central NJ, cosmetic dentist Dr Irina Trakhtman, please, call us at (732) 940-0222.

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